Ask for What You Want

How many times a day do you ask judges, clients, or co-workers to do something or to give you something?  During any given week, you probably make hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of requests.  You ask your co-worker to work on a project, you ask your assistant to handle a client issue, you ask your kids…

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Don’t Tell Your Jurors… SHOW Them!

Closing argument is your final chance to sway jurors.  This is the last time you’ll be able to address the jurors and show them why your client deserves to win.  If any of the jurors are sitting on the fence, this is your last, best chance to move them to your side.  So why do…

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Closing Argument Conversations

Recently I was helping a friend draft a cover letter.  If you’ve ever spent much time reading resumes and cover letters, you know that most of them say something along the lines of, “Me!  Me!  Me!  I’m awesome!  I’m amazing!  I’m the best!” But here’s the problem…  Employers don’t care about you. They don’t care…

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Should You Call the Witness a “Liar”?

Have you ever dreamt of conducting a “perfect” impeachment during cross-examination?  You know, the type of cross-examination that usually only happens in the movies,  impeaching the witness by pinning down their in-court testimony, and then calling them a “liar” when you confront them with undisputed proof that shows their statement is false? Almost every lawyer…

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Sources for Closing Argument Stories

During closing argument, you want to drive your arguments home to the jury.  It’s not persuasive to merely say, “The witness is wrong because she’s biased.”  You need to be able to help the jurors understand how that bias affected her testimony and why they shouldn’t believe her.  Before you start preparing your next closing…

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