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Elliott Wilcox
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"You won't believe how much FASTER your trial skills will develop once you start capturing the lessons you learn in the courtroom, and I'm going to show you exactly how, step-by-step."


From: Elliott Wilcox

          Orlando, Florida

          Wednesday, 8:45 A.M.


Dear Colleague,


Do you know why you won your last trial?  (Or why you didn't?)


How serious are you about improving your trial skills?  Regardless of the outcome of your trial, do you look for areas to improve upon?  Do you critique your courtroom performance, analyzing why you won or lost?  Do you capture those lessons, so that you'll never make the same mistakes again?  Do you ask yourself, “What did I learn from this trial?”  “What worked exceptionally well?” or “What could I have done differently?” 


Most lawyers will never ask those questions.  They try the same case over and over again, making the same mistakes in their 10th trial that they made in their first trial.  They never take the time to learn from their trial experiences or develop a plan for improving their courtroom skills. 


But not you...


You set yourself apart from the rest of the pack by capturing the lessons you learn during trial.  You know exactly what lessons you've learned in every case you've ever tried.  You've charted your progress, and have a permanent record to illustrate to everyone how much you've grown as a courtroom advocate.  And although you've made a few mistakes in the courtroom, you've never made the same mistake twice.


What Do Other Lawyers Say About You Behind Your Back?
Do they respect your trial skills? Do they say you’re one of the best trial lawyers in town?  Do they say that you’re afraid to go to trial? That you reduce your settlement offers once you look into the whites of the jurors’ eyes? Do they think that your trial skills are well developed?  Or that you have potential, but your skills still need polishing?  Do they say that you know your way around the courtroom, or that you're still guessing about what works and what doesn't?


Stop GUESSING About What Works and What Doesn't

When you take care to observe what you learn and what errors you make in every trial, you will improve exponentially faster than other attorneys who have tried the same number of cases.  This discipline will ensure that you become an attorney with 30 years of experience, rather than an attorney with one experience for 30 years.


I had 30 verdicts under my belt before I wrote down even a single lesson from any of them.  Over the next 90 trials, I wrote down a single lesson or two from the trial, but it was usually in a winding, "stream of consciousness," narrative form.  What I needed was something that would help me analyze each section of my trial to help determine what was working and what wasn't working. 


Are You FINALLY Ready to SKYROCKET Your Trial Skills?

The Trial NotebookI looked all over the internet and in every bookstore imaginable to find a journal specifically designed for trial lawyers.  Something classically styled that you'd be proud to display on your shelf.  Something that would represent the quality of your courtroom career, something you would be proud to pass on to your kids or to the next generation of lawyers. 


I looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find one. 


That’s why I created The Trial Notebook: Lessons Learned from the Courtroom.    The Trial Notebook contains sections for capturing the lessons from every portion of your trial (here's a sample from one of my trials), and more than 200 questions you can ask yourself while evaluating your courtroom performance.   


Simply Your Board Certification Process

When you apply for Board Certification in the future, you'll have all of the information you'll need right at your fingertips.  In The Trial Notebook, you've got room to write down details for 100 trials.  With every trial, you'll capture the names of the plaintiff, plaintiff's counsel, the defendant, defense counsel, and the judge.  You'll have instant access to case numbers, trial dates, the charges or complaint, a brief summary of your cases, and your verdicts. 


Stop Struggling to Develop Your Trial Skills

Just imagine how much BETTER your trial skills will be when you capture the hard-earned lessons you learn during each trial.  Take it from me, your trial skills will dramatically improve once you start writing down all of the things that happened during trial.  I know you will realize the same benefits that I have.


Are You as Good as You Think You Are?

You won't know until you start evaluating your courtroom performances.  You'll never meet a lawyer who's tried a "perfect trial."  Experienced trial lawyers recognize that they usually try three cases: the case they intend to present, the case they do present, and the case they wish they'd presented. 


You're paying a staggering price for every lesson you learn during trial.  The Trial Notebook will help you secure those valuable lessons from every portion of your trial.  Not only will you recognize what was the most important lesson you learned during trial, you'll also discover what trial skills you'll want to target for improvement in your next trial.  You'll supercharge your trial skills once you develop the habit of analyzing the lessons you learned, highlights, and the things you would do differently if you could try the case again.


"At no other time is a trial lawyer more exposed and raw than when the jury steps into the deliberation room. It's at this point when the weaknesses of your performance become clear, from 'I should have done this...' to 'I should have done that...' Without capturing these moments and ideas there is no way to truly evaluate your performance as a trial attorney. The Trial Notebook has helped me tremendously in improving many aspects of my trial techniques because at no time are you more honest with yourself than when the jury is out. Invest the few minutes it takes to fill out the pages and watch your trial and advocacy skills improve as dramatically as mine have."

- Matt Olszewski
Orlando, FL


How Much Would Improved Trial Skills Be Worth to You?

You're spending a small fortune developing the skills of your trade.  The average law student graduates with $80,000 worth of debt...  Trial advocacy programs like NITA's "Trial Skills" program cost more than $2300...  Even run-of-the-mill trial advocacy books cost more than fifty bucks.  And that doesn't include the countless hours you spend preparing your cases for trial.   By the time you walk into the courtroom, you've devoted a tremendous amount of time, money, and effort to the trial.  Don't let that investment vanish once the jury renders its verdict.


Now consider what improved trial skills could be worth to you:

  • If you become more effective in trial, how will that help your clients?

  • If you become known as the "go-to" attorney in your firm, how will that improve your year-end bonus or improve your chances of becoming a partner? 

  • If you develop a reputation in your legal community as a skilled trial lawyer, how will that change the settlement offers you receive?

In law school, you routinely spent $65.00, $89.75, even $125.95 on a single law book.  And you haven't used any of them since you graduated, have you?  Usually, they were useless after a single semester, weren't they?  Even many of the expensive books you use in your practice ($250 for a set of statute books?!?) have a lifespan of only a year or two before they need to be updated or discarded. 


But not The Trial Notebook.  You will use this book your entire career.  This won't be a book that just looks good on your bookshelf, either.  You'll take it with you to every trial, regularly examining it to review the lessons you've learned and apply those lessons to your next trial.


I've had colleagues tell me I should charge "law school" book prices for this book.  They said that they'd gladly pay $75, $100, even $200 to get their hands on a resource like this that would improve their trial skills. 


But, I didn't want this book to be available only to lawyers with years of experience or six-figure incomes.  I remember what it's like to be fresh out of law school and barely making ends meet.  I wanted prosecutors, public defenders, legal aid lawyers, and law school interns to be able to afford a copy, because the earlier in your career you start using The Trial Notebook, the faster your trial skills will develop, the better a trial lawyer you will become, and the more you will contribute to our judicial system.


That's why I'm offering The Trial Notebook for only $30.00 USD.  That's less than the average lawyer's Friday night bar tab or your weekly Starbucks bill.  And, to encourage you to make the investment for everyone in your office, you can get an even larger discount when you order larger quantities.  Order 20 or more, and you'll save 25% off the regular price.  Order 50 or more, and you'll save 33%.  Honestly, I know I could get more for The Trial Notebook, but I want this to be an irresistible offer.  That's why you also get:


My Personal Guarantee

90 days to test-drive
The Trial Notebook,
risk free!

I'm 100% confident that The Trial Notebook will help you capture the lessons you learn during trial, gather all of the information you need for Board Certification, and help you develop a foundation of trial skills excellence.

If for any reason you're not fully satisfied with The Trial Notebook, just return it within 90 days for a prompt refund of your purchase price.

Elliott Wilcox

You've got my word.

Elliott Wilcox
Editor, Trial Tips Newsletter

YES, I want to improve my trial skills!

Elliott, please send me my copy of The Trial Notebook.  I understand that I'm covered by your risk-free guarantee, so if for any reason I'm not fully satisfied with this book, I can get a full purchase price refund within the next 90 days.

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