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The Complete Trial Lawyer Success System  Our Best Selling Item!
If you already know how powerful and persuasive Elliott's trial tips are, you probably just want to get right to it...  The Complete Trial Lawyer Success System includes EVERYTHING you need to get jurors talking, present more powerful opening statements, create memorable direct examinations, master the art of cross-examination, and MORE!  Show me how to master courtroom advocacy!
Capture the lessons you learn in trial with The Trial Notebook Do You Know Why You Won Your Last Trial? 
(or Why You Lost?)

Regardless of the verdict, youíll want to improve for your next trial.  The best way to improve is to review what happened during your trial, evaluating what went well and what you'd improve if you could try it again.  The Trial Notebook also contains more than 200 questions to ask yourself when evaluating your courtroom performance.  Start capturing your courtroom lessons today!
Get Jurors to Talk During Jury Selection
Do you have difficulties getting jurors to talk to you during jury selection?  Have you ever wished you could get them to open up and talk about the issues most important to the case?  Have you ever learned something about a juror after they were seated on your jury and thought to yourself, "If I'd known that earlier, I would have kicked him off the jury!"  In this manual and CD, you'll learn valuable tips and techniques for getting jurors to talk.  Learn how to get jurors talking today!
Bring your case to life in Opening Statement

Bring Your Case to Life in Opening Statement
What if you could grab the jurors' attention from the first words of your opening statement, painting an image in their minds that was so clear, your opponent couldn't place a competing image in their minds?  Learn how to craft opening statements that compel jurors to think, "If you prove that, we MUST return a verdict for your client."  Craft more dramatic opening statements.

Create Memorable Direct Examinations

Create Memorable Direct Examinations
You know that a successful direct examination can make the difference between  winning or losing your case.  In this manual, you'll learn
how to help your witnesses tell their stories, how to highlight the most important details of your case, how to keep jurors interested throughout the entire direct examination, and how to create direct examination that create lasting memories in your jurors' minds. Start developing more memorable direct examinations.

Master the Art of Cross-Examination Master the Art of Cross-Examination
Do you want to improve your cross-examination skills?  Want to learn how to plan, prepare, and present powerful cross-examinations that not only impeach witnesses, but also gain important concessions?  Using the step-by-step techniques and strategies in this manual, jurors will watch your cross-examinations and think to themselves, "Your client deserves to win!"  Don't wait until the witness on the stand to begin preparing your cross-examination.  Learn how to master these proven techniques today!  Help me master cross-examination skills!
Quotations for Trial Lawyers Quotations for Trial Lawyers
Imagine having Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill help you try your next case. Or asking Aristotle and Vince Lombardi to help you write your next closing argument. These specially selected quotes will help you prepare for trial, add to your closing arguments, and occasionally laugh at the highs and lows of trial work.  This book also makes a great gift for those lawyers on your shopping list.  Click here to add Quotations for Trial Lawyers to your shopping art
Tips for the Beginning Prosecutor Tips for the Beginning Prosecutor
Motions to suppress?  Calendar calls?  Arraignments?  What am I suppose to prepare in advance?  Where am I supposed to stand?  What am I supposed to do?  How am I supposed to prepare a file for trial?  What should I say when I speak with a crime victim?  [FREE]  Here's the stuff I wish I'd known my first day on the job.
The Top Ten Tips for Trial Lawyers Top Ten Tips for Trial Lawyers (mini-poster)
Top trial lawyers share some surprisingly common characteristics - want to know what they are?  These tips are worth printing out and posting on your wall, so you can review them every time you get ready to walk into the courthouse to present your case.  When you can master these basics, you will become one of the masters of the courthouse.  [FREE]  Discover the characteristics of top trial lawyers.
Exhibit Lists (Word)Exhibit lists (PDF) Keep Track of Your Evidence
When you use an evidence list and pre-mark all of your exhibits, you can determine at a glance whether an item has been accepted into evidence or not. As each item is admitted into evidence, write down the corresponding number it was marked with. This makes it easier to keep track of each evidentiary item. With a quick look, you can instantly see that the crowbar was pre-marked as Defense Exhibit G for identification and was admitted into evidence as Defense Exhibit 5. When you donít have to worry about these details, you free your mind to focus upon the more important issues in the trial.  [FREE]  Available in both PDF and Microsoft Word versions
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