You’ll be AMAZED at Your
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Start Telling Stories During
Opening Statements...

From: Elliott Wilcox
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Dear Colleague,

Are you a trial lawyer, intern, or law student who...

·  Wants to win more trials?
·  Needs to present compelling opening statements?
·  Thinks law school didn't teach you enough about how to try cases?
·  Is frustrated by your current level of opening statement skills?
·  Wonders how the great trial lawyers craft such effective opening statements?

If so, then I'm ready to help YOU right now! 

Stop Struggling and Learn How to Deliver Opening Statements that Win Trials

Take it from me, the jurors responses changed dramatically once I started applying the lessons in this workbook.  I had to learn a lot of these lessons the hard way.  I've made all of the mistakes that I discuss.  But after trying more than 175 jury trials, countless non-jury trials, and teaching hundreds of other trial lawyers how to improve their opening statements, I've developed a method of opening statements that gets results.

Why did I develop the storytelling method of opening statements?  Because after watching one particular trial, I knew that I had to.  If I didn't, I knew that jurors and clients would continue to suffer.  Let me tell you the story of one memorable trial and the opening statements that I watched.

I'll Never Forget Their Opening Statements...

Plea negotiations had failed, and the case was finally set for trial.  It was one of those cases.  The type of case that a lawyer salivates over...  the stakes were high, the press was giving it extensive coverage, and the entire courthouse was abuzz with anticipation.

The charges were Attempted Murder.  The victims were three children - the youngest an infant, the eldest only five years old. 

And the defendant?  Their very own mother. 

She had tried to kill them by poisoning them with carbon monoxide.  She drove the children to a secluded spot in the woods and parked her SUV.  She called her husband one last time (she had called him earlier and announced her intentions - she was going to kill herself and the children).  She ran a hose from the exhaust pipe into the vehicle's interior, then closed the door.  She closed her eyes and waited for the fumes to overtake her family.

Unbeknownst to her, sometime during the incident, the five year old had quietly opened the door.  He stepped outside and pulled the hose from the exhaust.  He snuck back inside the car and waited, hoping that his father or the police would come to rescue him and his sisters. 

But then his mother awoke.  She realized that the gas wasn't working.  She reinserted the hose into the exhaust pipe, and then strapped her son into his seat so he couldn't interfere again.  Once again, she closed her eyes, and waited for the gas to overtake them...

Meanwhile, the police were conducting an exhaustive search.  They had been frantically searching for the children ever since the first phone call.  All of their helicopters were in the air, looking for the SUV.  They were attempting to triangulate her location through her cell phone signal.  And they were scouring the ground, driving to every possible location the husband could think of... 

As you can imagine, everyone who knew about this case wanted to watch the opening statements.  With facts like these, and experienced attorneys on the both sides of the case, this was sure to be an amazing trial.  This would be the type of case that observers would talk about for years.  And the opening statements would be among the most memorable we'd ever hear.

And do you know what?  They were!

But not for the reasons you think...

No, the reason we still talk about these opening statements several years later is because they were so damn boring!  We couldn't believe that these two fantastic trial lawyers could deliver such boring presentations.  The opening statements dragged on... and on... and on. 

No detail was left uncovered. 

No statement was omitted. 

No theory was left unspoken.

The lawyers told us every pedantic detail they had learned about the case.  For fear of omitting something, they shared everything they knew about the case.  Names, dates of birth, locations, histories, training, experience, education... everything.  By the time the openings were finished, many of the spectators were yawning.  Worse yet, we had lost our focus.  We were so caught up with the details, we no longer realized why this case was important. 

Why are Most Opening Statements so AWFUL?

Do you know the worst part?  These lawyers were doing exactly what they had been trained to do. 

In law school, we were trained to think like lawyers.  We were trained to spot issues.  It didn't matter whether they were strong or weak - we were trained to spot all of the issues. 

We were trained to speak like lawyers.  We read law books, contracts, and judicial opinions, learning the importance of preciseness in language.  We spent thousands of dollars on our education, adding words to our vocabularies that the average person has never even heard of ("race itsa what?") 

And we were trained to think logically.  But many lawyers think that pure logic is enough to persuade jurors.  If Socrates was a man, and all men are mortal, then Socrates must be mortal, right?  Of course. 

But, to quote Paul Harvey, what about the rest of the story?  "A+B=C" isn't enough to persuade jurors.

How Can You Stop Your Law School Education from CRIPPLING Your Opening Statements?

Is your law school education preventing you from delivering a more powerful opening statement?  The Jedi Master Yoda taught a young Luke Skywalker this lesson: "You must unlearn what you have learned."  Yoda's advice will also benefit the young trial lawyer.  You must unlearn what you have learned about how to think, how to speak, and the persuasive limitations of logic. 

Instead, you need to learn how to talk like a normal person once again.  You need to how to tell a compelling story during opening statements. 

·  A powerful story can help the jurors understand what your client experienced. 

·  A powerful story can grab and hold the jurors' attention for the entire trial. 

·  A powerful story can help the jurors decide, on their own, that your client should prevail.

If you want to craft a powerful opening statement, you need to learn how to tell a story. 

I'm Ready to Teach YOU How to Improve Your Opening Statements, Step-by-Step!

Here's just some of what you'll learn in this program:

  How to tell a compelling story - the story of what happened to your client. 

  How to bring your client's story to life with descriptive words.

  How to help the jurors see and feel what happened to your client.

  7 ways to organize your story so jurors reach the right decision.

  How to take the jurors back into the scene, so they see the story unfold before their eyes in the present tense. 

  How to create characters in your story that the jury will remember. 

  8 techniques for starting strong and grabbing the jurors attention from the very first words out of your mouth.

  The High Concept: Framing your case for the juror's mindframe

  Discover why you need to forget what you learned in law school.  

  6 techniques for learning to speak like a human being again. 

  Admit your warts: Learn how (and more importantly, when) to to admit the weaknesses in your case.

  Foreshadowing and suspense.  How to keep the jurors awake and give them something to look forward to during trial.

  Learn 8 things you should NEVER do during opening statements.

  Why you need to add non-verbal techniques to your opening to best present your story.

  Learn the only theme that motivates jurors to action

  How to finish strong so you leave the jurors with a question, image, or emotion that your opponent cannot overcome.

And more!

How Much Will Your Next Opening Statement
be Worth to You?

If you wanted to improve your opening statements, you could attend a NITA-style intensive hands-on trial skills program.  If you went, you would invest $2300 or more, plus airfare, hotel expenses, meals, cab fare, etc. 

Or you could hire someone like me to present an opening statement workshop for your firm.  Again, you would be making an investment of several thousand dollars.

Most CLE programs on opening statements cost at least a hundred dollars.  Some are priced at $1000 or more. 

And what about law books?  Sheesh, I was browsing through a law school bookstore the other day - the average law book costs around $75.  Some cost more than $120!  And most of the information in them was copied directly from judicial opinions - there wasn't any "how to" information or step-by-step techniques that would help you win more trials.

A quick look on the internet found books on opening statements priced at $69.90, $79.50, $145, $192, $204... even $774 (yeah, I couldn't believe that one, either!)

But do you know what? 

They're all worth it. 

Unless you're trying penny-ante cases in small claims court, just ONE favorable verdict would make any of these investments worthwhile.  If you had to learn these lessons on your own, it could cost your client hundreds, thousands... even millions of dollars.  Do you want to explain to your client or to your supervisor that the verdict didn't go your way because of opening statements?

That's why this program is such a steal.  Not only will it change the way you deliver your openings, but it won't break your budget, either.  Let's face it - if you're a brand new attorney, especially if you're a new prosecutor or public defender, you don't have a fortune to invest in improving your trial skills.  But you know that the skills you're developing now are going to shape the way you practice law for the rest of your career.  Now you have access to an easy and affordable way to learn how to craft opening statements that become the talk of the courthouse.

If you use these techniques in your trials, I know you'll see the same benefits I have.  And you don't have to worry, because I give you...

My Personal Guarantee

Six Months to Test-Drive
Telling the Story in Opening Statement
Risk Free!

I'm 100% confident that Telling the Story in Opening Statement will help you craft, write, and deliver opening statements that get results.   When you apply the lessons learned in these materials, you'll change the way you present your openings, capture your jury's interest, and get them rooting for your team.

If for any reason you're not fully satisfied, just return it within six months for a prompt refund of your purchase price.

Elliott Wilcox

You've got my word.

Elliott Wilcox
Editor, Trial Tips Newsletter


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