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3 Reasons Why You Need to Improve Your Trial Skills NOW

REASON #1: The value of your case is directly related to your skills as a trial lawyer.  If you can't back up your pre-trial demands with the legitimate threat of a trial (“Don't worry about him...  He never goes to trial...”) the value of your case quickly diminishes.

REASON #2: Despite all of the television, newspaper, billboards, and radio ads, a winning trial record is still your BEST form of advertising.  Word travels quickly throughout the courthouse.  Establish your ability to try cases and win, and you'll soon have more business than you can handle.

REASON #3: The value of your services is directly proportional to your skills in the courtroom.  When you're great at what you do (“I'm thinking of hiring this lawyer, but her fees seem outrageous.  Should I spend the money?”  “Yes, she's worth every nickel -- she's the best trial lawyer in the courthouse!”) the money will follow.

Just imagine...

But did your law school education give you the
skills you need to captivate juries and win trials?

Did they teach you how to pick jurors that are receptive to your client's case?  How to grab the jury's attention during opening statement?  How to help your witnesses tell their stories during direct examination?  How to successfully impeach witnesses during cross-examination, and keep them from running amok?  Did you learn how to deliver spell-binding closing arguments?

Probably not, right?  And here's the problem...  While there are lots of ways to develop these skills, most of them either take a lot of time or they take a lot of money.

Is it hard to develop these trial skills?  Not at all.  You do NOT have to be a natural born trial lawyer!  These are skills that can be learned, and they're all available in my new program:

REVEALED!  500+ Simple Secrets for Planning, Writing, and Presenting Cases That Get RESULTS

Trial Lawyer Success System (tab view)Do you want to become the best trial lawyer in your courthouse?  Win more trials?  Or maybe just feel more confident for your next trial?  If so, then let me personally congratulate you on the important decision that you’re about to make.  By investing in The Complete Trial Lawyer Success System, you're about to dramatically improve your trial advocacy and courtroom presentation skills.  Your courtroom practice is about to changeforever.  You’re going to learn my time-tested, proven strategies and techniques for persuading jurors and winning more jury trials.  You’re about to discover courtroom techniques that most of your opponents will never learn.

If you follow the step-by-step instructions in this system, you’ll be on your way to courtroom success much quicker than you think.  Judges and opposing counsel will soon be commenting on your improved trial skills.  Before long, they’re going to be asking, “Where did you learn that?” Don’t worry.  I won’t tell if you don’t.  This system will be our little private secret.

This course is designed to help you rapidly achieve results.  I know you want to start improving your trial advocacy skills immediately, so this system is designed to give you everything you need to start persuading jurors and winning more trials.

Take a “Sneak Peek” Into the HUNDREDS of Powerful Tips Included in This System!

“...I Had the Jury Cheering for Me All the Way to a Successful Verdict.”

I can’t thank you enough for your instruction and assistance with my most recent trial.  After utilizing a few of your techniques in my opening statement, I had the jury cheering for me all the way to a successful verdict.  A brief overview: Opposing counsel presented his opening in the traditional boring method.  I then arose from my chair and grabbed their attention.  I used the “memorable quote technique” from your book and started out with a memorable quote.  I literally stood up and started yelling the quote thus recreating the actual conversation between my clients and their adversaries.  Consequently, the jury liked the opening and everything else fell into place.  In closing, you could literally see the jury cheering for me.  I can’t wait to review your other tips.

- Robert C.  Gindel, Jr.

“I based my whole trial on your suggestions and won.”

I purchased your course about three or four weeks ago.  I had been relying on other course material but switched to yours after only a few minutes of reading the handbook.  It did the trick.  I based my whole trial on your suggestions and won.  Please tell your other subscribers that I firmly believe in you and your program and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- John A. Clifford

“[Y]our materials ... gave me more confidence at trial than I ever had during anytime in my career..”

As a successful trial lawyer for over 25 years, I felt it was time to renew my trial techniques. Despite my successes, I had always felt I was missing something - buying book after book looking for the 'Holy Grail'. Then, I came across your website and purchased your materials. Your book is the one I have been looking for all these years. I used your materials as a new starting point and built my entire defense case around it from beginning to end during a recent Felony jury trial.  I am happy to report that I achieved the best result possible for my client - a Judgment of Acquittal, destroying my opponent's case at the close of the State's evidence.

Particularly helpful was your in-depth section on use of a prior inconsistent statement to impeach a witness, and in this case, a police officer. I was able to go much further than I had ever gone before impeaching a witness with deposition testimony.  Using your materials, I was able to take a simple inconsistent statement and interrogate the witness to the effect that no re-direct by counsel could repair the damage done on cross examination.

In addition and equally as important, your materials helped me get organized - more so than I have ever been in my life. I was over-prepared but the preparation along with the additional insight gained from your materials helped me ask nearly every question I wanted on cross examination without objection and gave me more confidence at trial than I ever had during anytime in my career.

I want to thank you for putting out such fine work and I recommend your materials very highly.

- Michael Mermer

“I just completed three jury trials in a row with great success...”

I just completed three jury trials in a row with great success, especially the last one where the plaintiff asked the jury to award damages of about $750,000 for a myofacial pain syndrome and the jury returned with a verdict of $15,699.01 giving me the number I asked for in summation.  I owe my success in large part to your tremendous advice presented in the trial success system and the follow-up CDs that you have sent me.  After 21 years of practicing, I now feel I have the training to tackle and persuasively present any size case.  Thanks again for your training.  It was money well spent.

- Mark Cunningham

“I Have Never Been More Comfortable During a Trial.”

I wanted to tell you about my last trial.  The defendant was charged with kidnapping, aggravated burglary, aggravated battery and a slew of misdemeanors.  The week prior to the trial I received your Trial Lawyer’s Package.  Since I had been preparing for this case for weeks prior, I was ready for trial with a couple days to spare.  Besides reviewing my case, I spent some of this time reading your books on voir dire (Getting Jurors to Talk), opening statement (It’s Happening Right Now!)  and direct examination (Beyond “Happened Next”).  I then tweaked my voir dire questions (throwing half of the questions I had always asked just because I thought I was supposed to) away,  changed my opening to the present tense and made sure during direct that I gave the witness a chance to tell their story in a persuasive manner.  I also taped a copy of your top 10 tips to the inside of my trial notebook.

I have never been more comfortable during a trial.  The defendant was convicted as charged.  When I went back to talk to the jury, one of the jurors said to me, “We are so glad you are our county attorney.”   I plan to re-read each of your books prior to every jury trial to remind myself how good I can be!  Thanks for the excellent materials.

- Chris Oakley

Feel free to place a check next to the skills you need to learn.  Keep in mind, we're only scratching the surface of what's in this system...

The ONLY way you should ever frame the story of your case -- if you want to win!  (Page 119)

Why you should NEVER argue during opening statement -- unless you want the jurors to distrust you.  (Page 7)

How to eliminate nervousness about your first day of trial.  21 life saving tips to help you relax, focus, and put your best case forward. (Page 36)

The checklist you MUST bring to court (unless you want to risk losing your entire case because of a technicality!)  (Page 32)

The 7 CRITICAL mistakes lawyers make during jury selection that allow “stealth jurors” to torpedo your case.  (Page 49)

The 4 ground rules you must obey during jury selection (or you'll be kicking yourself later!)  (Page 55)

13 PROVEN techniques for getting reluctant jury panels to open up and talk (including the one question that you must ask in every trial).  (Page 61)

Why you need to forget what you learned in law school, and how to talk so jurors understand you.  (Page 91)

5 opening statement techniques that will grab the jury's attention from the first words out of your mouth.  (Page 97)

How to ensure you never forget a witness's name, date, or other essential detail during opening statement. (Page 109)

One simple change you can make to your opening statements that will make jurors lean forward in their seats and listen.  (Page 113)

Why I sang a Christmas carol during opening statement...  And how it helped me win my case!  (Page 129)

The best question you should ask in the first 30 seconds of direct examination.  (Page 148)

The essential topic you must address about during direct examination if you want jurors to believe your witness.  (Page 155).

Five different techniques for outlining your direct examination, cross-examination, or arguments (including one you've probably NEVER seen before.)  (Page 159)

How the acronym W.W.J.A? will forever change the way you ask direct examination questions (and no, it's not “What Would Jesus Ask?”)  (Page 169)

12 SIMPLE guidelines that will prevent you from asking lousy questions.  (Page 173)

The single best SECRET I've ever discovered for asking better direct examination questions.  (Page 176)

9 dramatic tips for HIGHLIGHTING the most important facts in your case.  (Page 191)

Where to stand during direct examination and the simple movement you can make that will force witnesses to make eye contact with the jury.  (Page 215)

The difference between direct and cross-examination questioning styles...  And why most attorneys screw it up.  (Page 245)

4 case-killing goals you should never try to accomplish during cross-examination.  (Page 253)

6 ways to practice your cross-examination skills...  Before your very first trial.  (Page 315).

The 7 part step-by-step process you should follow to plan your cross-examination before the witness ever walks in the courtroom.  (Page 261)

The quick and easy way to size up a witness (and how to tailor your questioning to their personality.)  (Page 283)

3 times when you should NEVER cross-examine a witness. (Page 251)

Why you shouldn't get angry with witnesses -- even when they deserve it.  (Page 330)

The least employed (but most effective) angle of attack you can use to immediately improve your cross-examinations.  (Page 291)

20 PROVEN methods for impeaching a witness.  (Page 293)

How to grab the jurors' attention in the very first moments of your cross-examination.  (Page 312)

33 things you MUST NOT DO during cross-examination (and when you should ignore that advice.)  (Page 327)

How to organize your examination for maximum effect (and why your examination won't be as successful if you don't apply this organizational technique.)  (Page 309)

The step-by-step process for locking down witnesses and impeaching them with prior inconsistent statements. (Page 351)

How to ask a cross-examination question: 7 techniques that work.  (Page 341)

15 techniques for controlling runaway witnesses (and the one time you shouldn't control them.)  (Page 379)

How to recognize the 7 situations when you MUST stop cross-examining the witness.  (Page 391)

The 8 arguments you should NEVER discuss during closing argument (Page 423)

How to prepare for closing argument (Hint: it starts LONG BEFORE you ever go to court and involves people who don't know anything about your case) (Page 415)

How to plan and organize your closing argument for maximum effectiveness.  (Page 435)

The importance of having an “Exit Line” for your closing argument (and how to craft exit lines that can alter your opponent's rebuttal argument.)  (Page 441)

The “3 R's” of evidence admissibility that you must analyze before you present a piece of evidence...  or object to it.  (Page 548)

How to make objections that get sustained and respond to your opponent's objections without losing your train of thought.  (Page 549)

The 21 things you need to know when your witness doesn't speak English and you must rely upon an interpreter.  (Page 561)

18 sure-fire tips for creating a winning appellate record (and a persuasive read-back of testimony.)  (Page 564)

Reading a witness transcript into evidence?  5 tips that will bring that transcript to life and take jurors back to the scene.  (Page 569)

27 persuasive devices that will convince jurors to think about the case from your client's point of view.  (Page 457)

25 presentation techniques that will supercharge your arguments and make jurors listen to what you say.  (Page 487)

The most important element of your closing arguments (SURPRISE!  It's neglected by lots of trial lawyers!)  (Page 453)

Keep in mind all this information is just part of what you'll get from yourComplete Trial Lawyer Success System -- I can't possibly list all of the information here. 

You should also know that the entire manual is written in a fun, conversational manner that makes it easy to follow along with.  It features graphics, examples, and powerful questions, so there's no guesswork in what to do or how to do it.  I practically spoon feed you the information!

Learn These Secrets Before Your Opponent Does!

When you order The Complete Trial Lawyer Success System, you're going to receive EVERY single program we have listed on our website, and several more than you can't find anywhere else.  You will receive a custom-crafted, gold embossed, three-ring binder, jam packed with nearly 600 content filled pages, easily arranged so you can quickly find tips and techniques to improve any area of your trial practice.  Every single trial resource that we offer is included:

This system has everything you need to ensure your courtroom success.  You get EVERYTHING listed in the Trial Theater catalog, including resources that aren't available anywhere else.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to read it cover-to-cover to get the benefits.  This system is designed so you can quickly jump to the appropriate section and immediately find the tips and techniques you need.  To ensure that you're REALLY ready to supercharge your trial advocacy skills, I'm going to give you the resources you need for every step of the way.  To help you out, I've put together some very special bonuses, many of which are available EXCLUSIVELY through this program.

Winning Trial Advocacy Techniques
Audio Program
(Value $597)

Prefer to learn by listening?  If you're on the go (you're a trial lawyer, of course you are!) you can just plug these audio programs into your iPod and listen on your drive into work or while you work out at the gym.  This CD-ROM is stuffed with more than 12 hours worth of live and uncensored presentations on winning trial advocacy techniques.  You’ll get unrestricted access to presentations I’ve made to law schools and groups of prominent trial lawyers, as well as all of the studio recordings and teleseminars I've recorded.  Many of these audio recordings aren't available anywhere else.  The attendance fee for some of these programs was several thousand dollars!  Even if you normally pay only $50 per training hour, the information in this program would be worth more than $600, but it's yours FREE with The Complete Trial Lawyer Success System.

Just look at what you'll be discovering on this CD:

Making and Meeting Objections (51:29)Getting Jurors to Talk CD
Getting Your Exhibits Admitted into Evidence (87:14)
Getting Jurors to Talk teleseminar (56:30)
Essentials of Jury Selection (105:49)
Telling Your Story in Opening Statement (93:07)
How to Be a Winning Trial Lawyer (21:58)
5 Critical Tips for Trial Lawyers discussion (56:29)
Essentials of Direct Examination (81:29)
Essentials of Cross Examination (107:17)
Quick & Easy Opening Statement Tips (40:28)
What Every Litigator Needs to Know About Winning Trial Strategies (59:27)

The Trial Notebook:
Lessons Learned from the Courtroom

(Value: $30)

Do you know why you won your last case?  (Or why you lost?)  Regardless of the verdict, you’ll want to improve for your next trial. The best way to improve is to review what happened during your trial, evaluating what went well and what you'd improve if you could try it again.  The Trial Notebookcontains more than 200 questions to ask yourself when evaluating your courtroom performance.  The Trial Notebook will help you track your courtroom successes and save all of those valuable lessons in a single place so they’re easily available when you want to apply for Board Certification or just want to review the progress you’ve achieved.

Quotations for Trial Lawyers
(Value: $10.00)

Imagine having Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill help you try your next case. Or asking Aristotle and Vince Lombardi to help you write your next closing argument. This 200 page softcover book is filled with specially selected quotes that will help you prepare for trial, add to your closing arguments, and occasionally laugh at the highs and lows of trial work.


Objections at a Glance Cheat Sheet
(Value: $5)

Need a refresher course in proper objections and how to phrase them?  This cheat sheet is divided by trial section (Jury Selection, Opening Statement, Questioning, and Closing Argument), so you'll have the most common objections at your fingertips during trial. Includes concise speaking objections to make your point to the jury without drawing objections from the judge. This doubled sided sheet will fit into your trial notebook for easy use in trial.  (To make sure your objections are sustained, don't forget to listen to the Making and Meeting Objections audio recording included in Bonus #1)

Disorder in the Court and “What the 3 Stooges Can Teach You About Winning Jury Trials”
(Value: $25)

The Three Stooges - Disorder in the CourtHave you ever thought to yourself, “This guy is the worst witness in the world!”  Well, once you watch this, you'll realize that other lawyers have had much worse witnesses.  This short was filmed in 1936, at a time when lawyers and our court system were still held in rather high regard.  Since it involves the Stooges, you know that the title of Disorder in the Court is going to be an understatement.  If you like the Three Stooges, this video has everything you've come to expect: eye poking, head bopping, face slapping, sight gags, and Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk'ing.  As if that weren't enough, it also includes something you probably didn't expect: 4 valuable lessons to help improve your trial advocacy skills.

I’ve Included EVERYTHING to Ensure Your Success!

That's why I guarantee every penny you invest in this system.  I've poured thousands of hours into developing and capturing the techniques in this system.  These are the same techniques that I use to persuade jurors and win my trials.  If you use these techniques in your trials, I know you'll enjoy the same benefits that I have.  And to make you feel as confident as I am, I'm offering you...

My Personal Guarantee

Six Full Months to Test-Drive The Complete Trial Lawyer Success System, Risk Free!

I'm 100% confident that The Complete Trial Lawyer Success System will be the most complete and most useful system you've ever seen.  More than than, I'm confident that if you employ all of the techniques and resources in this system, your trial skills will skyrocket over the next year.  So if the Complete Trial Lawyer Success System isn't everything you were expecting, and all of my tips and resources don't produce the results you're seeking, just return everything within six months and ask me for the prompt refund of your purchase price.

Elliott WilcoxYou've got my guarantee.

Elliott Wilcox
Editor-in-Chief, Trial Tips Newsletter

There Isn’t Another Step-by-Step Courtroom
Skills System as SIMPLE, Practical, or as
Powerful as This One...  ANYWHERE!

My bookshelf is FILLED with trial advocacy books and specialized manuals on trial skills.  I've purchased DOZENS of different training manuals, and I can tell you that there is NOTHING that compares to The Complete Trial Lawyer System.

Not only does this program give you all of the information, tools, and strategies you need, but it's going to cut YEARS off your trial skills learning curve.  Putting this system together took more than 5 years of research, testing, and refining these techniques.  It involved countless hours in the courtroom as I discovered lessons from the trials (and errors) of serving as lead counsel in nearly 200 jury trials.  On top of that, you're going to benefit from the time I invested and the many valuable lessons I learned while helping HUNDREDS of trial lawyers improve their trial skills.

How much is that much time and effort worth to YOU?

Trial Lawyer Success System (spine view)Let's say that you currently earn $50,000 a year.  If you multiply that by the five years it took me to assemble and refine all of this information, it would cost you almost a quarter of a million bucks for the value of the time you'd invest to discover this material yourself.

But you don't have to work that hard at learning how to do this.  I'm handing you the secrets I've learned on a silver platter!

You'll learn it faster, implement it faster, and see the rewards faster, because I've already done the work for you.

And I also want to make this affordable for you.  Whether you're an experienced litigator or a brand new prosecutor or public defender, you want to invest your training dollars wisely.  So even though the techniques in this manual have helped hundreds of trial lawyers DRAMATICALLY increase their trial skills, I'm offering a handsomely printed copy of it in a custom-crafted, gold embossed, three-ring binder (combined with more than $750.00 worth of bonuses) for only $277 (plus $10.70 USPS Priority Mail shipping).

I'll even let you pay for it in 3 EASY MONTHLY PAYMENTS if you're watching your cash flow.

Also, remember that if you're investing in this package to further your professional skills, your purchase may be 100% tax deductible.  That makes this an even better deal -- you really can't lose!  So...  Are You Ready?

No-Risk Acceptance Form

checkmark“Yes! I'm Ready to Persuade Jurors
and Win More Trials!”

My Complete Trial Success System will be shipped directly to my door by USPS Priority Mail, and should arrive within a week.  I understand that The Complete Trial Lawyer Success System comes with a full, six-month guarantee, and I can receive a full refund anytime in the next six months if I am not completely satisfied by simply returning the entire package.

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So, are you ready?  Your Complete Trial Lawyer Success System and free bonuses are waiting!  Order now.

Elliott Wilcox

Best wishes for success in your next trial!

Elliott Wilcox
Editor, Trial Tips Newsletter

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