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Closing argument is your final opportunity to persuade the jury.  This is when you'll combine the facts and the law to show the jury why your client deserves to win.  Learn how to craft persuasive closing arguments that give your jurors the ammunition they need to find in your clien't favor.  In these trial advocacy articles, you'll learn how to improve your closing argument skills and take your closing argument to the next level.

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Should You Respond to EVERY Closing Argument Your Opponent Makes?

Are You Looking Jurors in the Eyes During Closing Argument?

The Proper Use of Notes During Closing Arguments

The "Best" Closing Argument?

Hang 'em with Their Own Words During Closing Argument

The Rules of Repetition During Closing Argument

Help Jurors Remember Your Witnesses During Closing Argument

Show, Don't Tell During Closing Argument

Anticipate Your Jurors' Questions About Inadmissible Evidence

How to Collect Stories and Analogies for Closing Argument

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