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Are You Ready for Trial?

The idea for Trial Theater sprouted from something that bothered me while I was watching an attorney's opening statement in an attempted murder case several years ago.  The facts were thrilling, the characters engaging, and the stakes were incredibly high.

But his opening statement was the most boring presentation I'd heard in years.

I thought, "How could he possibly make this case boring?"  Was this his first trial?  Was he trying to lose?  Did he fail Trial Advocacy in law school?  Nope, nope, and nope.  He was an experienced trial attorney, with dozens of cases under his belt.  He definitely wanted to win the case, and, in fact, had won a great percentage of his cases.  And no, he wasn't in the part of the class that made the top half possible. 

The problem was, he was doing exactly what he had been taught to do in law school.

With all due respect to the law schools, they can't fully prepare you to try cases or speak to juries.  Law school changed the way you think.  It changed the way you speak.  It even changed the way you look.  (C'mon, admit it.  Someone who never met you before has asked, "You're a lawyer, aren't you?")  The law schools do a valuable job of teaching you the law.

But trials are different from every other aspect of the law.  

Verdicts aren't decided by law professors or legal scholars.  They're decided by small business owners, checkout clerks, engineers, teachers, retirees, plumbers, and work-at-home moms and dads.   (In fact, given the opportunity, would you even want to pick a jury composed entirely of lawyers, judges, law professors, and Supreme Court justices?) 

That's why you need to learn to speak to normal people again.

You're determined to improve your trial skills, aren't you?  You want that extra edge that will help you win your next trial.  Trial lawyers are a special breed.  We have been given the opportunity to tell our client's stories.  We need to tell those stories passionately, persuasively, powerfully.  Here at TRIALTHEATER, we're dedicated to helping you win more trials.  In addition to our free e-zine, Trial Tips Newsletter, we have also created several resources to help you persuade jurors.  We also offer personalized trial skills training and consultation to help you, your firm, or your association improve your courtroom presentation skills.

So... "Are You Ready for Trial?"


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