Trial Lawyer First Impressions

What image are you projecting?

Image matters. It’s not just what you do, it’s how you do it, and how you convey your image to the public. For example, let’s talk about the hotel/motel industry. At its core, the industry is based upon a simple premise: you give us your money, we’ll give you a temporary place to stay. But within…

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If your questions are too vague, the jury won't know how to answer.

Your jurors might not have a clue!

If you want to improve your jury selection skills, consider following the example set by the best doctors in your town. Years ago, when I was looking for a new doctor, my Dad gave me some great advice: “Whatever you do, don’t take health advice from a fat doctor, or from a doctor who smokes.”…

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It's not enough to be honest, you have to look honest

Do You Look Dishonest?

Let’s start with a few assumptions about the witness in your next case. First, let’s assume that your witness saw everything relevant to the case. Second, let’s assume that your witness has a good memory and a good vocabulary, so she’ll be able to remember and describe everything that she experienced. And finally, let’s assume…

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Witnesses must appear believable if you want jurors to listen

Why should jurors believe your witness?

“I saw the defendant sitting at the table.   Suddenly, he reached over to the next table, grabbed the salt shaker, and threw it at the stage.   The shaker hit the lead singer in the left eye, who screamed and fell off the stage, holding his eye.” If you were trying to prove that…

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Ask for What You Want

How many times a day do you ask judges, clients, or co-workers to do something or to give you something?  During any given week, you probably make hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of requests.  You ask your co-worker to work on a project, you ask your assistant to handle a client issue, you ask your kids…

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